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Donate now and keep your stories on the stage!

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Read how an Island City Stage production affected Leslie.

"I attended "Perfect Arrangement" with our church on Dec. 4th. After spending 10+ years in the USMC, I realized about 1/4 way through the show that I was having an emotional reaction to what was happening on stage. The anxiety of waiting for someone to knock on the door and looking for what may have been out of place on the stage to give away their true selves and lives was creating a visceral reaction in me. I realized halfway through the show that I was reliving my time in the military BEFORE Don't ask/Don't tell. After having been out of the Marine Corps for almost 19 years, "Perfect Arrangement" took me right back to the worry and fear I lived for so many years. Island City Stage, you've helped me to realize how much I never want to go back to living that secret life! Thank you!!" Pastor Leslie Rutland-Tipton

Leslie reminded us how relevant these themes are in today's world. History shows us that things can change rather quickly and for the uninformed, history generally repeats itself. We will remain vigilant in providing relevant, compassionate, real life productions that bring about change, not just in the LGBT community, but the general community as well. And there are so many stories yet to be told.